Thoughtful Comment Award Winners


On Michael Bungay Stanier’s presentation:

Such a life changing advice for me, “try staying curious a bit longer”… as soon as he said that my whole body just ached, and I realize that I’m such a manic “rescuer” and have lived my whole life as one. I realized that giving advice, and being the answer of people's needs have been like a drug for me. It’s like I have to do it, and if I cannot be of help, it just eats me up and I feel useless. Thinking about “giving away” that part of me scares me to death, but at the same time I feel an instant kind of release and I know I want to, have to and will be free from this in order to reach my dream of becoming a Therapist, but outside the drama triangle. It’s like I’ve known this always, but have denied it in myself, and have always felt a bittersweet feeling when taking the responsibility for someone else's problem and giving advice (almost before they end their sentence). Now I know what this is, and it’s such a relief knowing I’m not supposed to be the only answer to anyone's problem. I will do my best to work my way out of the drama triangle. So THANK you! -- Malena


On Angela Duckworth’s presentation:

As someone who has studied classical music years, I really loved the information about taking criticism. You have to have the strength to ask for criticism; you don't always have to use everything someone tells you but their insights can help you improve and grow. -- Katie


On Natalie Jill’s presentation:

Excellent interview! Full of practical tips. I particularly appreciated the demonstrations of the hip flexors. I am radiologist and sit for a large portion of the day, but can certainly do a wall sit in the office. I actually stretched during the talk and the tightness in my back disappeared! So this talk probably had the most immediate tangible effect! -- Sanjay


On Dan Martell’s presentation:

I was so inspired by Dan's session. His life lessons from a traumatic past has produced a level of grit and perseverance we should all learn from and model. Love how intentional he is about business, love and life. His values and big rocks are driving his planning and that's so important. One new thing I learned - creating SLPs for my own personal playbook - I am already thinking of some things I can document so that someone else can do them. Thank you! -- Naomi


On Lolly Daskal’s presentation:

I have two favorite insights. The first is that what made us successful often goes on to become our weakness. I realize now this is a modified and perhaps more palatable way of reminding us that any strength overused becomes a weakness. Thank you for that reminder Lolly. The second important take away was more esoteric, but nonetheless impactful: "Just because we think it doesn't mean we need to say it. But if you say it you'd better mean it." In a leadership role we may succumb to a patriarchal perspective where we feel the need to share as much insight and wisdom as possible with our teams; we think we are being helpful and supportive. This point is an excellent reminder that we all need to check ourselves; is what we are about to say genuinely going to be helpful, supportive or developmental in nature? Thanks for some great content delivered in a way that used thoughtful interviewer questions, and good use of examples by Lolly to effectively share her insights. -- Melanie


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