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Day 1 – Tuesday, April 18


12pm EDT

Daniel Pink

Motivating Top Performance

1pm EDT

Shawn Achor

Staying Positive in a Stressful Workplace

2pm EDT

Adam Grant

Why Helping Others Drives Our Success


3pm EDT

Todd Herman

What Top Performers Do Differently


4pm EDT

Todd Henry

How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice


Day 2 – Wednesday, April 19


12pm EDT

Dan Ariely

A Behavioral Economist's Guide to Productivity

1pm EDT

Jay Papasan

The One Thing High Performers Do Differently

2pm EDT

Rory Vaden

How to Multiply Your Time


3pm EDT

Paula Rizzo

How to Write the Perfect To-Do List


4pm EDT

Mike Vardy-white.jpg

Mike Vardy

How to Stop Time


5pm EDT

Thanh Pham

Powerful Tips for Boosting Your Efficiency

Day 3 – Thursday, April 20


12pm EDT

Charles Duhigg

How to be Smarter, Faster and Better

1pm EDT

Gretchen Rubin

Changing Your Habits

2pm EDT

Greg McKeown

Determining What is Essential and Eliminating Everything Else


3pm EDT

Michael Bungay Stanier

How to Coach Like a Leader


4pm EDT

Craig Ballantyne

Own the Day and Control Your Life


Day 4 – Friday, April 21


12pm EDT

Susan Cain

An Introvert's Guide to Peak Performance

1pm EDT

Michael Breus

Your Body's Best Time for Everything

2pm EDT

Caroline Webb-now-playing.jpg

Caroline Webb

How to Have a Good Day


3pm EDT

David Allen

Getting the Right Things Done


4pm EDT

Ari Whitten

The Energy Blueprint


Day 5 – Saturday, April 22


12pm EDT

Natalie Jill

How to Get Fit in 5 Minutes a Day

1pm EDT

Susan Peirce Thompson

Eating to Achieve Top Mental Performance

2pm EDT

Tom Rath

Best Practices for Eating, Moving, and Sleeping


3pm EDT

Isaac Jones

How to Be Superhuman


4pm EDT

Ocean Robbins

How to Eat Smarter


Day 6 – Sunday, April 23


12pm EDT

Dan Martell

How to Think Like a Serial Entrepreneur

1pm EDT

Angela Duckworth

The Power of Grit

2pm EDT

Ajit Nawalkha

Setting Better Goals


3pm EDT

Darren Hardy

Using Everyday Decisions to Transform Your Life


4pm EDT

Jon Morrow

How to Overcome Any Setback


Day 7 – Monday, April 24


12pm EDT

Marshall Goldsmith

How to Lead Like a CEO

1pm EDT

Peter Bregman

Improving Your Performance in 18 Minutes a Day

2pm EDT

Michael Port

An Actor's Guide to Public Speaking


3pm EDT

Chester Elton

Secrets of High Performing Teams


4pm EDT

Lolly Daskal

A Leadership Expert's Guide to Greatness


Day 8 – Tuesday, April 25


12pm EDT

Dorie Clark

How to Network Like a Thought Leader

1pm EDT

Alex Mandossian

What Great Networkers Do Differently

2pm EDT

Danny Iny

Teach and Grow Rich

3pm EDT

Marisa Murgatroyd

How to Find Your Unique Voice

Day 9 – Wednesday, April 26


12pm EDT

Jeff Goins

Secrets of Wealthy Artists

1pm EDT

T. Harv Eker

Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

2pm EDT

Chris Ducker

How to Buy More Time


3pm EDT

Josh Turner

Building Authority With LinkedIn


4pm EDT

Suzanne Evans

The Smartest Way to Grow a Business


Day 10 – Thursday, April 27


12pm EDT

Christine Carter

How to Be Happier at Work

1pm EDT

Michael Hyatt

How to Have Your Best Year Ever

2pm EDT

Michelle Gielan

Inspiring Positivity in Others


3pm EDT

Mark Timm

How to Empower Your Family to Thrive


4pm EDT

April and Eric Perry

The Productivity Experts' Guide to Organizing Your Life


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